ROVIN Signs Joint Venture with Spencer Ogden

Case Study

ROVIN Signs Joint Venture with Spencer Ogden



June 2012

Scope of Work:


ROVIN have recently signed an exclusive Joint Venture with Spencer Ogden Oil & Gas. 
This is a strategic move for Spencer Ogden Oil & Gas with ROVIN being the operational in Nigeria for the past twelve years and are an indigenous company. With the recent introduction of the 'Local Content Law' and due to enquiries from Spencer Ogden's existing global customers operational in West Africa they have teamed up with ROVIN to offer the same service that they are so proud of in the rest of the world. 
Through this agreement, all services that Spencer Ogden provides are effectively indigenous to Nigeria and satisfy all local content and labour laws.

ROVIN has thus benefitted by the Spencer Ogden teaming as they are already operational on a global basiswith a live CV data base of over 150,000 candidates supplying over 15,000 staff across the globe.

Together Spencer Ogden and ROVIN Energy are looking to dominate the Manpower market in Nigeria and West Africa with an unrivalled service.