Brierton School

Case Study

Brierton School


Hartlepool Borough Council


October 2015

Scope of Work:

Asbestos Removal


After the school had closed, Hartlepool Borough Council; had begun major refurbishment work in late 2013. Rovin Environmental were contacted by Hartlepool Borough Council in early 2014 after it was found that asbestos containing materials had been inadvertently disturbed by tradesmen as he materials had not been found in the asbestos survey or were not identified correctly in the survey report and plans.
The existing old type 2, or management type asbestos survey was found to be inaccurate and did not provide sufficient information for the planned works to proceed safely, and so it was agreed that Rovin Environmental would carry out a refurbishment/demolition survey of the building in order to provide the necessary information to meet the requirements of the CDM regulations.
The survey revealed that a number of asbestos containing materials had been for whatever reason omitted from original, possible due to lack of access or incorrect labelling of sample locations in what was undoubtedly a complex site. Some of these asbestos materials needed to be removed in order for the refurbishment work to be carried out safely. These included asbestos insulation board ceiling and also chrysolite paper insulation to pipework in under floor ducts and risers.

Rovin Environmental worked with Hartlepool Borough Council to agree a programme where the removal of the asbestos materials could be notified in accordance with the CAR 2012 but also to minimise disruption to the timescales for the refurbishment. The management of Hartlepool Borough Council were very appreciative of the assistance of Rovin Environmental in acting as consultants on the project and in helping to keep the project on time.